About Us

VARDHMAN Trading, a part of AVON Coatings represents high-quality products of INDIAN origin to the WORLD & brings the latest technology and products to Indian customers thus catering to a greater global presence.

Having served the Automotive market in Sheet Metal Components, Industrial Coating & Steels for the last 30 years- AVON has become an approved source to many top industrial groups like- MARUTI SUZUKI, HONDA, KUBOTA, and ROYAL ENFIELD to name a few. Since 2017 also come into the Import-Export domain as VARDHMAN TRADING with product offerings in MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT, STEEL & OE COMPONENT RESOURCING.

One of our futuristic arms is COMPONENT SOURCING. For OEs worldwide, we offer reliable & approved sources for component development & supply chain management in their production as well as aftermarket needs.

Our young management always brings enthusiasm & great solution-provider attitude to the company and always trusts their suppliers & customers equally. Our management come from a multi-industry background with ample experience in dealing with the high quality & ascending modern business demands of customers in EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AMERICAN markets.

VARDHMAN has its production facility for steel pipes & tubes, many automotive parts, and in-house industrial coating plants to serve almost 70 percent of our buyers. For the rest, we work alongside industries that, just like us, seek excellence and security within the internationalization of their brands & products.

We always seek to establish great business relations between INDIA and the world, capturing suppliers and buyers around the entire globe. Our mission is to open the doors of the international market, always looking for the best deal for the customer.


01Our Mission

Facilitate the global performance of our customers, offering a unique and customized solution for Mutual Business Growth, with responsibility, ethics and commitment, managing the entire process, providing tranquility and perceptible values to customers, suppliers & employees.

02Our Vision

To be a world reference as a company providing customized services in foreign trade.

03Our Values

Ethics, loyalty, know-how, focus on excellence, passion for what we do.